Travis County Inmate Search – Find Travis County Inmate

Travis County Inmate Search

Travis County Inmate Search allows you to look up inmates in the Travis County Jail. You can use the Sheriff’s Inmate Population Reporting System or call the jail at 512-854-4180 to search for an inmate by phone.

By entering an inmate’s name, you can view the jail records, including charges, bond amounts, and other information. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office provides this service for the convenience of the general public, but it’s important to verify the accuracy of the data before relying on it.

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How to Find Travis County Inmate



  1. Visit the Travis County Sheriff’s Office website: CLICK HERE
  2. Click on the “Inmate Info” tab.
  3. Choose your search method:
    • Name: Enter the inmate’s first and last name.
    • Booking Number: This is the fastest way to find the inmate if you have the booking number.
    • Date of Birth: Know the inmate’s date of birth but not their name or booking number. This option can still help narrow down your search.
  4. Click “Find Inmate” and view the detailed record.


  • The information provided online might not be entirely up-to-date. Always verify crucial details through other means, like contacting the Travis County Sheriff’s Office at 512-854-9033.
  • The online search tool only provides publicly available information. Some details, like medical records or specific case details, might require additional legal authorization to access.

Additional Resources:

  • Jail Facility Information: Learn about the different jail facilities within Travis County, including visiting hours and contact details.

  • Inmate Programs and Services: Find information about educational opportunities, mental health services, and other programs available to inmates.

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office: If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact the Travis County Sheriff’s Office directly.

Remember, navigating the legal system and accessing inmate information can be complex. Utilize the resources provided, seek legal counsel if needed, and approach the process with patience and understanding.

If you need additional assistance, please visit our Contact Us page.

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